Code Enforcement - Al Pirro

Phone: 716-592-4946 x 14
Cell: 716-491-6179

REMINDER: A building permit is required for ALL sheds. A plot plan must be submitted with your application showing the proposed location.
Al Pirro, Code Enforcement Officer
Diane West, Clerk

Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to Noon
Click here to print Building Permit Form:
  • Building Permit Form

  • Click here to print Construction Inspection Checklist:
  • Construction Inspection Checklist

  • Click here to print Erie County Health Dept. New Construction Septic System Form and Information:
  • Erie County Health Dept. New Construction Septic System Form and Information

  • Click here to print Driveway Culvert Permit Form:
  • Driveway Culvert Permit Form

  • Building Permit/Fee Schedule

  • Fee Schedule Application Permits

  • New York State Assemblyman Kearns is asking our assistance in increasing Albany's awareness of the foreclosure crisis in our neighborhood. We can all take action in appealing to the banks to act responsibly and fairly towards their neighbors by filing a complaint with the New York State Department of Financial Services.

  • Community Campaign to Combat Zombie Properties

  • The Town of Concord Code is available at the General Code Publishers website:
    General Code Publishers

    Erie County Planning & Development has an internet site to access information about properties in the County. This site provides information about the parcel, the Section-Block-Lot (SBL) number, basic zoning information about the parcel and much more. This site is available at Erie County's website:

    Erie County Planning & Development Site